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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

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Raaz Reboot

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Ae Dil hai Mushkil

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Our RJs
aftab Zeeshan
The first official voice in the UAE on any Hindi FM Station which has kept all the listeners humming for over 14 years. The command in his voice totally reflects in his personality as he takes control of the team at Hum. One of the very few people, who adapt to the kind of situation they are put in, be sure to find Zeeshan as serious in a meeting and as vibrant on-air. He believes entertainment to be his number one priority, and as much as people love to hear him time and again on-air, he strives to increase the entertainment factor at Hum.
Programme Director
aftab Sobia
At school she always had the biggest music collection, always raving about the latest tune in town, brandishing the mix CD she'd been up till midnight compiling. Believe it or not she's still doing the same. but this time for the ears that love her witty but often unusual outlook on life injected with heavy dose of humour. Sobia Khan. Mild at head-Wild at heart radio maverick, with her as your everyday on air travel partner there is not a single dull moment, however scientists are still searching how she's passing on that million dollar smile through the airwaves to millions out there. She says she has done her bachelors from Oxword and Masters from Haword in Verbal Diarrheaology/Gaanacology/Mikeology. Go figure!
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aftab Aroma Warsi
"To kaun si badi baat ho gayi".Smile...thats the motto. Nothing for her is bigger than the joy of life. Veracious, Fun, appropriate and a graduate in Chinese language, it is never too hard to canvas Aroma. She believes in love, Relationships, Delhi and CRICKETTTTTT, some of the things she can never have enough of. She can turn your mood into music from a wide range of retro to latest up beat funky numbers. Indulge yourself in fun, interactive , refreshing and light Intellectual nourishment.
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aftab Total Filmy Aftab
By qualification, a Software Engineer & a Post -graduate in Mass Com & Journalism but now an Entertainer by choice. A Guy with loads of Energy, Humor & Creativity. He strongly believes in Love and besides being filmy in nature he is an ardent lover of Music & Bollywood. So, from Mimicry to Music and Scripting to Playing Guitar, he can engage in anything you toss at him. You will get to listen to more than just songs on his shows.
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Gaurav Gaurav
A Punju who is made up of 206 funny bones, a passionate professional whose engine functions with truck-full of good FOOD, good FOOD & good FOOD!!! A child at heart who boasts of having a crazy collection of thousands of GBs of animated films. When he is happy or sad, sick or fine, hungry or full, his love has never reduced-even a wee bit for his PLAYSTATION. !!! His career choice is all courtesy the bad bug called recession!

A diehard fan of Amit Trivedi's music who believes in spreading smile with verbal hug.
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Yasha Yasha
Funny, loud, chatty, straight-forward, sarcastic and extremely positive are just few words to describe Yasha. She believes that world peace is attainable with music. She never sugar coats her opinion and will tell you what is exactly on her mind. Loves to make a loud entrance and greets everyone with a hug. Graduate in Psychology, Yasha loves to psycho-analyze people (even if they don't want) and scientists are still working on cure for a non-stop talking. Till then enjoy her conversations on Hum 106.2.
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